The topic of routines came up today. It’s timely as I’ve recently committed to writing every day. What made me pause and think a little harder about this was the detail of the routine itself.

I quickly paused and thought is the commitment to write every day the routine? Or is it more. Perhaps if we go deeper it might include, what time I write, or where I write, on what device.

The main routine is the writing itself, everything else is a detail of it. If I write in a different location each day the routine remains. Should I write on my iPad vs my laptop – the routine is still there.

I’m not suggesting that details don’t matter. Sometimes they are an integral part of the routine. I just believe that some details can come and go and not disrupt the routine itself.

Perhaps over time, things may need to be adjusted to keep the routine. Maybe I might find myself having to write in a quick place to collect my thoughts. But for now, the core is to just write every day.

Mission accomplished.