I was reading a commentary today about how naming your children is such an important event. Not just in your life, but more importantly in your child’s life.

Now I would consider myself to have a fairly “normal” English name – Mark. But when you look around these days, it would seem people are naming their children anything but normal.

Now we can debate till the cows come home what normal is, but let’s assume for a moment we are aligned. Mark is fairly normal – Rock is not. For a girl Shirley is ok but not Nevaeh – yes that is Heaven spelt backwards.

You see while we may want to make sure our children have a distinctive name, we seem to forget that ultimately it will be their name. They have to live with it. They have to pronounce it, spell it and explain it for the rest of their lives.

Oh, we think we are clever but are we really? There was a time when a son was named after the father – family heritage and all. But none of that seems to matter anymore and we are stuck with Comet, Spring, Cleveland, Champ and the list goes on.

Perhaps I am just too old fashioned and should not really care about this. But then again I am glad that my parents called me Mark and not Kram – that would be awkward. So whether you agree with me or not I believe there is something in a name that speaks deeply about a person.