In the “old days” before the advent of the digital video recorder or streaming on the internet, there were reruns.

Network shows would run their natural course as they do now from October to April. But once the season was done or when there was a holiday like Thanksgiving or Christmas you were forced to watch a previous episode – affectionately know as a rerun.

Summertime was when reruns hit their prime. It was four solid months of nothing but repeat programming. Additionally, new shows did not air in the summer, so you just had to wait.

Reruns really don’t exist in the true sense anymore. Once a season is complete it comes out on DVD or Bluray. New shows and seasons also start almost anytime including in the summer. It is a virtual smorgasbord of choice.

So while I sit here and watch DVD episodes of JAG for the 4th or 5th time it reminded me of a day when I could not do this. I don’t miss those days, but it was all we knew back then.