I did not have anything, in particular, that was on my mind today. So I’ve decided to give two quick updates regarding previous posts. Some of my posts are “journeys” that I am on and as such, I should give periodic updates.

Reading More.

In the beginning of the year, I made a commitment to read more. I do read, but not enough. I usually read 5-6 books a year. This year I’ve committed to reading 20. I’m happy to report that 5 months in I’ve completed 10 books already and am currently reading 2 more.

I use a site called Goodreads to track my progress. The first few months I read more and since I’ve slowed down a bit, but am still ahead of pace. I should finish by the end of the summer as typically a read 3 books while on vacation.

The journey to date has been fun. I also find that reading is improving my writing and my vocabulary – some nice side benefits.

Internet Marketing.

This journey has been frustrating, to say the least. I think the biggest reason why is that I am focused on making money and not providing value. I need to switch those two around and with some hard work, the value will lead to the money.

To help kickstart/restart (again) things this week I made one small change. I knew one of the things that I needed to do was optimise my time. The change was to bring my laptop with me every day to work so I could do my writing on the way home.

I started on Tuesday this week. I managed to write 3 of the 4 days successfully. I consider this a win. It is early, so I will check in again in a month or two. I am licking the environment (on the train) for writing. I sit in a quiet area with my headphones on a just write.

There you have it – two quick updates on some journeys I am on. I’ll check in every so often to see how I am doing.