The weather where I live has been crazy this spring. One day it’s 30 Celsius and the next day it’s 10 Celsius. It’s sunny one minute and the next minute it is pouring rain.

Now I could spend a lot of time complaining about the weather, but that will not change the forecast. So instead of being disappointed with how the weather will turn out today, I’ve decided to work around it.

When it’s raining I’ve got a big list of things I can do indoors. These include chores as well as some TV and XBox time. When the sun is shining I am trying to get outside and work on the deck or in the garden. It might only be for 30 minutes, but that is sometimes all I need to get something done.

So far this is working well, but we will see as spring rolls into summer. Some of my outside tasks need to be finished before the snow flies again. But then again do they really “need” to be done? I am really trying to take a more “go with the flow” attitude. It’s not really me, but I know I should stick with this for some time.