Since I recommited to writing / posting something every day, it has been going fairly smoothly. I have not been strapped for ideas and even find myself thinking about what I would like to write about before I write it.

I would still say that most of my writing is “shit”, but that is to be expected since I am not a writer by trade, my vocabulary sucks and it is generally out of my “comfort” zone. The good thing is that when I go back to the beginning and read some of my early post I know that there is hope for me.

Over the past 6 days though I have been posting two times per day. They are usually done right after one another, but they are separate and distinct posts. I took on a Christmas Challenge on my rower and am tracking my dayly sessions.

While they are generally short posts, it is still another post to have to think about and write some content. I do find that they are fairly easy to write and are very basic from a content perspective – no “meaty” subjects here.

The one thing that I do find is that I am a little more anxious about getting my writing done. I know I should not be, but I am. It cannot be the extra time commitment as it only take about 5-10 minutes extra each day.

Perhaps it is just the fact that I have to write more stuff. As I said I am not a writer at all, it sucks and does not come naturally. So adding anything extra on top of what I committed just seems to be enough to get me a little anxious. Maybe I should just embrace it as it will only be for another few weeks.

What I can tell you though is that this post is almost a little theraputic for my anxiety. I guess talking about things does help even if I have no clue or not that anyone reads this stuff.