Five days a week I take the train to and from work. Occasionally I hop on the subway too depending if I am running late or not. I have been doing this for the past 17 years.

Not a lot has changed over that time. Sure the cars a more modern, but not necessarily more comfortable. It still takes exactly the same amount of time there and back on an “express” train. Service (delays) remain on average the same.

Ridership certainly has increased. Thankfully I am at the beginning of the line in the morning and have no trouble getting a seat. In the evening it is a different story – me and 2000 of my closest friends are fighting for a seat.

My routine on the train has remained pretty much the same. I read/sleep in the morning. I also take some time to pray. In the evening I am usually catching up on emails or taking a conference call. Recently though I have introduced a hack to increase my productivity.

Most days the trip goes by without incident. But there are days when you don’t just get a ride home you also get a “show” from your fellow passengers. I usually sit in the same car there and back so I get to see a lot of the same people day after day.

The train trip is 50 minutes of my commute time. Not too bad, but factor in driving to the station and walking (or subway) to work and the total time is 90 minutes one way. So you can see why I try to be productive during this time.

I hope not to be commuting too much longer, but you never know. By the time I am done I guarantee they will figure out how to cut the time in half. Oh well – maybe my kids will be the recipients of that windfall.