Been reading through the book Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss for the last few weeks. I purchased the book over Christmas with the intent of reading it through. However, a blog/vlog that I follow was doing a daily walkthrough so I decided to join in.

It’s one chapter a day that focuses on one person that Tim has interviewed on a past podcast. Let me tell you one chapter most of the time is sufficient. In fact, some of the chapters could keep you busy for a week or more. Not due to length – most are a few pages – but because the material is so rich.

There is so much thought provoking material, you just have to pause sometimes and say WOW! It can almost be overwhelming at times as there is so much to soak in day after day. Reading ahead, in this case, is to no advantage, but slowing absorbing it is worth the time and effort.

Going through this as a community is also great. Hearing what others glean and the lens they apply is thought provoking as well. It’s also kind of cool to think others are walking (reading) alongside you at the same time and same pace.

If you have not picked up a copy of this book, I cannot recommend it enough. Stop reading this and click on this Amazon (non-affiliate) link to purchase it today. It may be the best book you read all year.

I thought I told you to stop reading and go purchase it? Just do it!