In the late 1950’s there was a TV show called “To Tell The Truth”. Essentially 3 people would claim to be the real “Famous Person”. A panel of judges would then try to figure out who through a series of questions.

What made me think of this was our own daily communications. What compels us to tell the truth and not to lie?

I believe that most natural conversation is truthful in nature. We usually don’t think twice about whether it is the truth or not we just speak it. So then what makes us switch from truth to lie.

For me personally (yes I’ve told a few lies in my day) it seems to stem from some type of fear. Fear of getting in trouble if I give the correct information. Maybe I will look dumb if I don’t embellish things somewhat. Fear that people won’t accept me for who I am.

Of course, all of these things are not that significant in and of themselves. However, they are enough to drive me and others to switch from truthfulness to falsehood. The truth in all these cases is not that bad of a story. And yet I lie.

There is remorse when I lie. It pricks the conscience and it should. We are hurting ourselves the most when we do this, and other too. As a man of faith, I know it is sinful too and need to seek God’s forgiveness.

Tomorrow I will endeavour to be better and tell the truth.