It’s spring time where I live. That can only mean one thing – golf season. Time to take the “sticks” out of storage and head over to the range and hit a few.

I started playing golf as a teenager. I did not play often and did not even own a set of clubs. In fact, the clubs that I used were right handed and I golf left. So yes I can actually shoot both left and right handed. It comes in handy when you have a difficult lie.

Over the years the amount of golf I played in a season varied. But generally, it averages about 10 rounds per season. That may not sound like a lot, but I take what I can get. I must also confess that I love watching golf, so even in the off season, I can get my fix.

About 2 years ago I believed that I had progressed as far as I was going to on my own. I decided to take lessons for the first time ever. Till that time I was self-taught and for being so was not too bad a “hack”. I was able to shoot under 100 on a fairly consistent basis.

But desiring to fix a few things in my game and break 90 consistently I decided to hire a coach. Now that might be a little misleading as the person I hired had a “day” job and it was not teaching hacks like me. However, they were a certified teaching professional and came recommended.

I bought a package of five one-hour lessons to start. This had to be one of the best investments that I have ever made for my game. Yes, I have bought some nice clubs and accessories, but this was a whole different ball game.

The coach did not mess too much with my swing as my mechanics were fairly sound. It was more out hand positioning and tempo. Those few things have made all the difference. Before I knew it I was hitting the straighter and farther.

Now my score did not improve as much as I would like. I was able to shave off on average 2 strokes per round. But we all know that the game is more than hitting the ball straighter and farther. It really helps though.

So as a new season starts I am once again thinking about how to improve my game. I was going to investigate taking some refresher lessons, but think I will hit the range first to gauge my game. It will help get the rust off too. Once I hit a bucket of balls I’ll re-evaluate and see if some lessons are necessary.

FOUR! or is that FORE!