I cannot believe how many times I’ve gotten sick this calendar year. In fact, I cannot remember a time when I have been sick more than twice in a year.

I consider myself to be active and healthy for a 50-year-old male. My workout regime is three to four times a week for 60-90 minutes. It is vigorous exercise with my average heart rate at 150bpm.

So why am I getting so sick? This is the fourth time that I’ve been sick since January. Frankly, I am just tired and frustrated at this point. I think I deserve a little room for some self-pity. Ok maybe not. But I really just want a stretch of months where I am not dealing with something.

On Thursday I am going for my annual physical. My plan is to ask the doc if this is normal. Perhaps he will say “it’s been a bad year for colds and flu”. I’m really hoping he will as this will vindicate me a little.

Till then I will take two more cold pills and continue writing in the morning.