Yesterday I was writing a post while watching TV. I’ve not done this before, but I wanted to get my writing in for the day and watch TV too.

Typically when I am watching TV I will have my laptop or iPad open. I know that by doing this I cannot give my full attention to one or the other. How do I know this – by how many times I hit rewind on the remote.

Even though I know it’s not ideal I do it anyway. So what was so different about last night that made me pause and think?

Recently I recommitted to writing every day. Today is day 18. I have not missed a day yet and I am still enjoying it. Typically I will write in the living room or bedroom. Last night that changed – I wrote in the family room while watching TV.

While I did manage to write the post, I know it was not my best work. In fact, while writing something just felt off. I could not focus just on the writing because I did not want to miss the show. Yes, I did have to rewind a few times.

I certainly learned that I cannot do both and will endeavor to not repeat that. Also, it made me think about multitasking and distraction. I did some quick searching on the web and found two videos that hit the nail on the head.

This first video talks about singular focus or monotasking vs multitasking. It’s funny but cool to see how he uses the case of the phone to accomplish this.

The second video speaks on how technology needs to help solve the problem of being distracted through better design.

I never realized the damage (yes damage) that an interruption can cause when we are focusing on a task. I need to be more mindful and ask that others do the same.

Is your time spent or is it well spent?