I like shows, movies and reading books that involve time travel. Not sure the exact reason why, but perhaps it’s the complexity it brings.

Some of my favourites are The Skin Map, 12 Monkeys and Edge of Tomorrow.

Recently I discovered a show on Netflix called Dark. Like the above it’s about time travel. I really liked the first season and the second started strong, but things started to fall apart.

I am now finishing up the third season and have to say that it starts like the second finished. However I am liking the way it is finishing off. Things seem to be coming together.

I am sure I will have some complaints, but overall it was good, not great, good. Like some shows that I’ve watched recently ahem… WestWorld – they could have stopped after the first season. Dark is a little like that.

I am sure if you are like me and like the time travel genre, then Dark will be up your alley. Give it a try.