Rest is necessary. Every human being rests at least once per day, it’s called sleep. Outside of sleep, there is also rest that may be required after a strenuous activity. But the type of rest I am thinking of is rest of the mind.

Resting your mind can take many shapes and forms. Perhaps you seek out a quiet place to go to be alone with your thoughts. Or maybe you take a book and lose yourself in an ancient world. Medidation may also be on the menu.

These are all good things and there may be more that I did not mention. It gives you time to recharge and get ready for the next task at hand. Sound mind and body are important when going about your daily business. But is there a dark side here.

You see you might rest too long. Recharging for an extended period of time may be just as bad as too much activity. In fact some times you can find yourself looking for an excuse to continue to recharge when in fact you are ready to get back at it. You may be holding yourself back from doing some great work.

In all things there is balance and moderation. You need to balance your rest with the activity. And even when resting moderation is a good thing.

I know I struggle greatly in this space and need to push myself harder to break out of the habit of resting or recharging for too long. I am sure the zombies can be saved another day .