I am currently reading “The Book On Leadership” by John MacArthur Jr. This is not your typical book on the subject. It takes a biblical view focusing in on the life of the apostle Paul.

Having just started there is not much to share yet, but in the introduction, the following quote appeared:

Real leadership seeks to motivate people from the inside, by an appeal to the heart, not by external pressure and coercion.

This quickly resonated with me. When we think about heart we usually think about “mushy” emotional stuff. But on closer examination, it’s really speaking about getting to know the people you lead on a very personal level.

As a leader of people myself, I quickly started to take stock of how much I’ve invested in knowing those I lead. And knowing not superficially, but deeply, personally, and dare I use the word intimately.

While I have been leading people for some time now, I still have so much to learn. So take a few minutes and ask yourself – how well do I really know those I lead.