Thought I would just check in and provide an update on how my internet marketing journey is going. In my last update, I said that I was going to focus on giving myself more time by “hacking” a few things.

I’m happy to report that two hacks have proven successful to a degree. I am now using my train ride home to do my daily writing and to watch my daily video log. This has proven to be a very good use of my time. The 50-minute ride provides just enough time to accomplish both tasks.

I do not find myself rushed in doing them. I am able to balance some work in there too. It has only been 3 weeks or so, but I believe it is working and most days I am successful in accomplishing both items.

By moving these tasks to a time when I was not as productive, it should free up time in the evening for me to focus on my internet marketing. No, here in lies the “rub”. While I do find myself with more time in the evening, I have yet to fill it with IM related work.

So to help me with this I’ve decided to once again make a small tweak. Instead of expecting to work each night, I will start with just one night. This will take the pressure off to do something every night. I can now pick an evening that has the freest time and focus.

By doing this I can build off of it in the future. The first intent is to just sustain a month of one night a week. After this, I can reevaluate and adjust. I believe I have a better chance of success if I do it this way. Time will tell of course.

Now all I need to do is pick a day and write it on the calendar.