The late singer-songwriter Mark Heard wrote the song Some Folks’ World. In it is the line:

Rain can ruin your weekend
Or rain can spare your life
Depending on who you are and what your thirst is like

Yesterday we received over 70 millimetres of rain. That’s a lot. The rain was driving and came down in “buckets”. Lately, when it rains from one direction we get water leaking into the main floor through a window. It is also slowly leaking into our laundry room when the ground is saturated.

While these things are annoying, in the big picture they can be dealt with. The words of Mark Heard from over 35 years ago still resonate with me today. They help put rain and my displeasure with it into perspective.

Next time you get a good soaking rain maybe you can dance along with Gene Kelly in Singin’ In Rain.