At some point in my childhood my dad or maybe some other family member called our television “the idiot box”. I am sure that the name was given due to the fact that we – me and my two siblings – were watching it too much. You have to remember in those days – 40 years ago – cable was not widely distributed and for the most part rabbit ears (tv antenna) brought in 4 or 5 channels.

Fast forward to today and the way we “watch” television has definitely changed. You can still subscribe to your local cable company, there are too many streaming services to count now, high definition free over the air tv is available and I am sure I am missing some services too. Needless to say there is more media to consume than there are hours in the day. I did not even list things like YouTube or Podcasts, etc.

Singer/songwriter Bruce Springsteen wrote the song “57 Channels (And Nothin’ On) in the early 90’s. And while the concept of channels is slowly going away it’s starting to feel like there is so much to watch, but there is nothin’ on. I will admit that occasionally there is a good show to watch, but most of the time it’s not worth my time.

So where does this me? I’m not sure, but I am starting to think I need to do something about the amount of time I am consuming media. Now let me be clear I am speaking about the consumption of media for entertainment, not for enrichment or education. Maybe I need to start slow and build up to something bigger or perhaps go big and then slowly add some back. Or maybe do a 21 day challenge to help establish a new habit.

Of course what will I do with the time I am normally watching television? That remains to be seen. I am thinking more reading as I have a lot of books that still need to be read. Maybe more writing like this to help me improve. I have a lot of Udemy courses that I can watch and get better educated. I could get outside more – wait a minute I already get outside a lot.

I am thinking that I will chronicle this each day on a different page off my main daily writing. Let’s see where this goes.