Most nights before we go to bed my wife and I watch a 1/2 hour sitcom so that we always end the day laughing. This is good therapy and you should try it.

One of the shows we are currently watching is Cheers an 80’s sitcom for those of you who remember.

One of the main characters Norm Peterson often refers to place he goes to often other than the bar – The Hungry Heifer. Through these conversations you get the idea that it is a bit of “feeding trough” pardon the pun.

Why I bring this up is today we went for lunch at a local Chinese Buffet – The Mandarin. The food here is really good and the service is too.

One thing that I cannot shake each time I go is that it is like a bunch of farm animals feeding at the trough. We all stuff our plates full of food until we cannot eat anymore. It’s not the most pleasant mental image, but it does come to mind.

Like I said – good food, good time, good atmosphere, but I cannot help but think about eating at a trough. Maybe it’s because you tend to eat way more than you would during a normal meal at home. Or perhaps it’s because the stations are all lined up in a row like a trough.

As a side note I part of the reason you eat a lot is you want to get your moneys worth. For me that’s even more so due to my Dutch heritage.

Maybe I am overthinking and reading too much into my lunch, but the Mandarin reminded me of the Hungry Heifer which elicits thoughts of a trough .