Daniel 3 tells the story of how King Nebuchadnezzar builds a 90ft gold statue of himself. He orders all the people of every tribe and nation to bow down to the statue when the hear the “music” play. Should anyone not bow down they are to be thrown into a fiery furnace for their disobedience.

This is a well know story in the Bible and how three Jewish men defied the king, were thrown into the furnace, did not perish and lived to tell the story.

Today I heard this story again and was once again convicted in my own heart that there are many “90ft statues” in my life that take the place of the Lord of the Universe. This is the very same God who was with these three men in the fire – Neb claims to see a fourth person – “like a son of the gods”.

I need to be reminded and understand that there is no compromise with the God of the Scriptures. He deserves all glory, praise and honour. Too many times I place things above Him – money, health, time, relationships. I need to ground myself in Him and rest in the shadow of His Wing – Psalm 91:4.