I mentioned a number of times that I used to be overweight and sorely out of shape. Since getting losing all that weight and getting into shape, I am more keenly aware of my body.

Now that may sound strange, but let me explain. The workout that I do uses a heart rate monitor. It gives all kinds of stats like effort, calories burned, heart rate and duration. Seeing these stats in real-time also affords me additional insight.

You see lately I’ve been sick with a cold. Time has taught me to stay away from the gym when I am sick. But once I am feeling better I get right back to my weekly routine. However, the heart rate monitor tells me that I am not fully healed.

You might be saying that it’s because I’ve been away for a few days or my routine has been disrupted. And that might be partly true, but I can tell that my body – heart rate specifically – is working harder the first few workouts. My workout from Monday show below – yellow = good, red = too high.

This usually does not last too long before I am back at peak. But it goes to show that while on the outside I might feel great, on the inside things are still recovering. I also notice that getting my heart rate to max takes less time and getting to resting rate takes longer. When I am healthy the inverse is true.

So it would seem that my body is speaking to me. With the help of a monitor I more clearly able to see this. It is very helpful too in reminding me not to push things too quickly after an illness or extended delay. I do admit though that I have a love-hate relationship with this monitor that just won’t go away.