I have a problem at times with distraction/focus. It is not an “always” thing, but when it’s there I notice it. I believe the biggest reason why I cannot focus or am distracted is because I am not fully committed to “the task” that needs to be completed.

Let’s start with an example. I wrote a couple of weeks back about my renewed Internet Marketing journey and how if I am to be committed to it I would need to spend at least 10 hours per week on it.

Fast forward to today and it is gut check time even after I patted myself on the back the day after writing that post. It would seem that I have already stalled and not put in 10 hours over the last 2 weeks.

Why is this?

There are a host of excuses that quickly come to mind, but what it boils down to is commitment. How committed am I to seeing this through? What is my motivation to complete this? I know it’s important that I answer these questions to some degree.

Once I have some answers I can either get back to the task at hand or pause or even abandon. I’d like to think that I can get back on track and do not want to entertain the other two.

I know if I can get some momentum – three to four weeks of hitting my target I will have a greater chance of succeeding. I will continue to write about it as an accountability practice, but I need to do the work, not just write about what I’m not doing.

One thing I did today was purchase a book off Amazon called Indistractable to help me better understand and cope with distractions in my life.

Here’s hoping that I don’t let this distract me from the 10 hours I need to put in this week .