Summer has finally arrived. While it does not officially arrive until June 21st, it has been really hot the last few days.

Spring has been up and down with respect to temperature, but that’s pretty normal. However, the amount of rain we have received has been anything but normal. So with more days of rain than the sunshine, it is almost like Spring never got a foothold.

Of course, we like to complain about the rain and how we wished summer would arrive. But what burns me is that after 2-3 days of heat people are already complaining about how hot it is. You just can’t win. I guess there is just no pleasing some people.

I am a fan of all seasons. Where I live we have 4 very distinct ones too. It would be nice if the daytime temperature was 21 Celsius and night time 10 Celsius. And of course, it would only rain at night (just like in Camelot). But I assume we would still find something to complain about.

Here’s to summer and the heat that comes along with it. I am very thankful for air conditioning but do take the opportunity to sit outside whenever I can.