I am not sure if I am sucker for punishment or not. You see over the past few years I have tried to start a business online that would produce, ultimately, in the end, passive income. I talk about it here, here, here and here – you get the point.

Let me be upfront – I’ve not made a dime online. In fact I’ve not really gotten past the setup your own website stage. I think I have a lot of book / head knowledge from the courses I took, but I always seem to get stuck at one point.

Recently I purchased a course – yet again – with the hopes that this would be the one. Now you might be thinking that I am that sucker and have once again thrown good money away for bad. So what makes this time different or at least appear different.

I think there are two things. First the webinar I attended before I purchased the course was down right realistic and brutally honest. Let me see if I can summerize – Most people online fail, you will not make 10k per month after your first month, you will have to put in a lot of time and effort and it may take up to a year before you start seeing results.

I think most people including myself would be running away at this point as all of the above sounded like “work”. I’m looking for passive income not income I have to work for – did that just sound as silly as I think it did? The good news is I did not run and said the author is talking to me – I’m that person.

The second reason is that I am currently in between jobs and have some extra time. In fact the biggest thing I am no longer doing is commute three hours a day. I see myself as being able to be disciplined enough to putting at the very least an hour or two per day to learn and implement. This is good as the author says a minium of 10 hours per week is required.

So here I stand yet again at the beginning of a journey that I would like to see through. I plan on seeing the training through to the end and implementing all the recommendations. Where things go from there is anyones guess, but my expectations are simple. I plan on only finishing – no money goal, that would just be a bonus.