Life is really about being at a crossroad in many ways. Every day we have to make decisions, some big, some small.

I am currently looking at one of the bigger decisions so to speak. While I am not being pushed in any sense, I’m at a bit of a career crossroads.

In a recent email conversation with a community member, they talked about fear. This is something that has always plagued me when making bigger decisions. They had some very sound advice that seemed to be too simple.

They said when struck with fear – just act. Do something to move forward. Fear is something that lives in your head and seems very real to you and usually paralyses action of many kinds. So by simply acting you are bypassing the paralysing effect.

I know that when I am struck with fear it consumes my thoughts. By doing something even something small I can break the visualisation that is consuming my thoughts. While this is not perfect by any means, it seems to be effective.

Well yesterday and today when confronted with the fear of making a decision, I acted. I reached out to a friend and just had a quick discussion on what was going on. I also decided to set up a meeting with another friend.

These two simple acts have alleviated a lot of my fear over this career decision. While I still need to make a decision, I feel as though I am thinking clearer and see a way through this.

While I am still standing at a major crossroad, I don’t feel and an overwhelming sense of fear. To end I would like to repeat a quote I heard the other day.

There are very few decisions in life that are mortally wounding.