Why is it so easy to say something negative about someone versus something positive? Too often the first place we go is to tear someone down and not build them up.

I think the biggest reason we do this is because when we bring someone else down we are “falsely” in our own minds building ourselves up. How strange is that really? Do we have that big of a self-image issue that we need to resort to finding fault in others?

Now if you are thinking that’s not me you can stop reading now. However, if you look closely at yourself you will realise that we all do this to some degree. So if we do, then how can we catch ourselves and reverse the trend.

One thing that I have been trying lately is to catch myself in the act. When I do this now I try instead of saying something negative say something I really like about the person. I try this both internally and when I am with others.

This is not perfect, but I find it starts to create a different mindset. And over time you start to look at that person differently. So while I don’t have it all figured out, I am trying to build others up and not tear them down.