I mentioned earlier this week that it has been very hot here over the last week.

I do not mind the hot weather too much, but it is nice to have break from it too. Opening the windows and having fresh air come through the house is great.

I knew that the humidity and heat were going to break today, so I thought I would mow the lawn. I checked the forcast and the rain was supposed to start in the afternoon.

Wouldn’t you know it 5 minutes into me getting started the heavens opened up. I hoped that it would pass quickly so I could finish. My backyard takes about 30 minutes to complete.

It did not let up.

In fact it started to come down even harder. At this point I was committed to finishing, so I pressed on. It was not fun at all and not ideal either. The wet grass really sticks to the mower housing and blades and clogs very easy. To top it off the finished product does not look as nice either.

I think I learned my lesson, do not just look at the forcast, look at the radar too.

By the way – 5 minutes after I finish mowing the rain stopped and 10 minutes later the sun came out. Go figure.