Today marks one of the turning points in the season – at least where my vehicles are concerned. While it is Fall here and we have not witnessed our first snowfall yet, it was time to change the tires on the truck and car.

Now thankfully I have a family member who is a mechanic. He and his friend came over this morning and changed the tires in no time. While I am thankful that this job is done, I am again reminded about the one thing I don’t like about winter tires.

I am a big fan of all seasons and do not in the least hate winter or the snow. In fact it is one of my favourite seasons (spoiler – I love them all). I do enjoy the added extra safety that the tires provide too. However the one thing that has always bothered me is the extra noise they make.

This may seem silly, but the heavier tread and “stickiness” of the tires gives them a “hum” that my other tires do not have. I do realise that it will sound louder at first and soon I will not even hear it, but it still bugs me.

In the Spring when they come off I will once again notice how much noise they make, because the regular tires will be a lot quieter. Till then there is a lot of upside vs downside to having them on the vehicles – including reduced insurance rates.