Tonight we said goodbye to one of our loved ones. We are headed home after helping them settle into their new city. It has been a great week of doing different things to help them move into their new home.

I did not think it would be too hard to say goodbye. Sure there has been a little anxiety building up to this moment. However they are an adult and have already been living on their own for a few years.

And yet I find myself quietly crying at times that they will not be close to home anymore. Sure with the advent of technology they are only a Facetime away, but it’s not the same as seeing them face to face. I love them dearly as a parent and I know that they will be fine, but it still hurts.

I do know that God has them in His hands and always has. And so I trust that the Lord of the Universe, Hope of this world, the Great I am will continue to watch over them.