Remember the 1962 hit by Elvis “Return to Sender”. This famous hit was performed in the film “Girls, Girls, Girls. The song was written by Windfield Scott and Otis Blackwell.

Now that I have your attention, this quick blurb has nothing to do with that song whatsoever, but as you may know or guessed I do like to be witty with my blog post titles.

Like many I do a lot of my shopping online. With a few well placed clicks I have what I need (want) shipped directly to my door usually the very next day. Yes Amazon is my online retailer of choice.

I cannot recall how long I have been ordering things from Amazon, but I suspect it has been well over 10 years now. Funny enough over that period of time I have never had cause to return something to them until yesterday.

Truth be told it was not even something I purchased, but was a Christmas gift gotten on behalf of a family member. I quickly and easily navigated the Amazon website and a few clicks later I was in business and returning my first item to them.

I was a little disappointed that I was being charged shipping for the return, but I do understand that it cannot all be on the retailer to absorb. There are some instances, i.e. their error where they will cover the cost, but in my case it was a duplicate Christmas gift.

I am happy to say that returning this product to sender was easy and quick without issue. Not sure if the returned product will be sold as new (it was unopened) or bundled in a with a bunch of returns and sold at auction. As for me I am very satisfied with how they have handled it.