Looking to reboot (again) my writing. I had a stint back in early 2015 thanks to a challenge put together by John Saddington.

If I recall I was able to publish at least once a day for 15 days. Then it became every other day and soon I was looking for excuses not to write.

My writing sucks and I’ve always wanted to be better whether that was personally or professionally. There is something about the written word that I have always enjoyed.

I started reading books later in life (after 20), and I know that has hampered my vocabulary in many ways as well as my grammar and ultimately my writing.

So here I am (again) at the beginning of 2017 and looking to revive/renew my writing on markvermeer.com. Let’s see if we can build some momentum and get at least 30 days under my belt.

Thanks again John as you have inspired me through your site john.do and vlog to start writing consistently again. Maybe I can catch up to you. Big shoutout to your Desk 3.0 app too, there is nothing better.

Day 1 complete.