One of the few (and now even fewer) vlogs / blogs that I follow regularly had a post today and titled it UNSUBSCRIBE MONDAY. In short the idea was to stop reading all the newsletters or vlog / blog posts that clutter your inbox.

Taking this to heart I was merciless with my inbox and my Youtube subscriptions. In the end – at least for today – I unsubcribed to 7 newsletters and 9 Youtube channels.

The whole idea of this exercise is to create less noise in your day / life and allow you more time to focus on what matters. Since this is the first day all I can say is that I feel 20lbs lighter .

I know over the next few days there will be more unsubscribes as additional newsletters come in. As for Youtube I am now only subscribed to 3 channels and could probably get that down to 2.

My hope is that I will see some tangible results over the next few weeks. I plan on checking in a few times to let you know how it’s going. It feels good and I suggest you try it too.