Today marks the 120th day of my goal to write every day. It is a reason to celebrate as I consider it quite the accomplishment. It might not seem like much, but considering I don’t write for a living and I’m not the best writer, I think it’s truly amazing.

Here are some quick observations after doing this every day for 4 months. Writing is not easy. It’s even more difficult when it does not come naturally. I have developed a rhythm over time and for the most part, I enjoy the daily engagement of writing. I have learned to write just for me – it makes it much easier and I am only accountable to me.

There are more things that I have learned and talked about them here, here and here. I think the next big thing I need to decide is am I going to keep doing this? That’s a really good question. For the short term, I am going to continue for the next 60 days. I believe this is achievable and does not stretch me too far.

There you have it. Time to celebrate the past 120 days and look forward to the next 60 days. Credit to goes to John for encouraging me on this journey.