I few years ago I wrote about reading more by setting a goal of reading 20 books in one year. Looking back that was a good jump start to get me to reading more. The thing that I often wonder is am I reading the right thing.

You can read for pleasure, you can read for business, you can read for knowledge and a host of many other good reasons. But there has been one thing that I have missed or at the very least drifted in and out of over the years – reading the Bible.

God’s Word. I’ve never not know His Word and have grown up with it all my life. I know many of the stories all too well. I can quote many famous and maybe not so famous passages too. The things that are missing though is reading consistancy, desire and deep study.

I know that I need to pray into this more and also look for support from those around me. This new year I desire to commit myself to knowing God’s Word more intimately. I plan to talk about it more in posts throughout the year to see how I am doing and for some accountability.