I’ve talked before about my perspective on rain and how I need to be properly orientated with respect to it. Not a lot of people enjoy the rain – some do – most see it as something dreary.

Once again we are receiving a lot of rain in a short period of time. I am sure that on this October 31st – Halloween night the moisture will not go over too well. In fact it is not only going to be raining hard, it is also supposed to be very windy.

Perhaps we need to take our cue from the people of Quebec who for the most part are postponing Halloween by one day due to the weather. Not sure how well received it will be, but we will find out in the days to follow.

All this aside rain (and snow) are extremely vital to life on earth.

Rain and snow are part of a larger process called the hydrologic cycle, which transports water from the ocean to land and back again. Solar radiation warms the ocean and drives evaporation, which leaves the ocean salt behind. The wind carries this moisture over the land, where it condenses to form clouds and falls back to the ground as precipitation. This precipitation in turn feeds lakes and streams that ultimately carry the water back to the sea. Only 0.001 percent of Earth’s water is found in the atmosphere at any one time, but the atmosphere nonetheless serves as the conduit that transports water from the ocean to the mainland.

John Brennan

So next time the precipitation starts to fall take time to remember its importance.