I’ve talked in the past about scammers, digital criminals, theifs. Call them what you want, they are criminals breaking the law.

Today I came across an article that talks about six scams that prey on the elderly.

None of what I read was a surprise to me, you see I have elderly parents and in-laws.

What bothers me the most is that many elderly are vulnerable. Their memory is starting to fail, they are lonely, many are isolated and some have had their families abandon them relationaly.

Many have worked their whole lives and are now enjoying the “fruits of their labour”. For some this is not insignificant and for others it is enough to just get by.

And so the criminals that I have spoken about prey on those who are vulnerable for the chance to score ill-gotten gains (money).

Many get taken for what they cannot afford at a time when they need it the most. They are of course too old to get a job and earn what they’ve lost back, which puts them in an even more vulnerable state.

I’d think that the generation that did not grow up with the personal PC has almost all past away. With that the elderly will be smarter digitally, but not all these crimes are digital.

I’m not sure how we prevent this. Perhaps more education, better safeguards or government legislation. For sure the families of the elderly need to be involved. We know first hand how easy it is for a parent to be taken in.