How many handwritten “notes” have you done over the past year. I am thinking not a lot.

I have to confess that in today’s digital age writing is almost becoming a lost art. I’ve “typed” countless thank you emails over that time, but very few hand written ones.

In my new role though we have a form of employee recognition which is making me re-think the power of the written word. You see an employee is nominated for making an impact in their job. These are approved by me and I receive a card to sign.

I’ve decided to take a slightly different approach with the cards. I am now not simply signing them (how personal), but I am also adding a personal note recognising what they have done. I think this makes the world of difference.

This really makes me think about what the person has done and the impact they’ve made. My hope too is that the person reading it see’s that we’ve taken the time to personally thank them. Is it more meaning full than it’s digital cousin? I will let you be the judge. Personally, I think so.