It’s Friday and for most of the day, I worked from home as I was travelling all week. Once most of my day job activities were complete it was time to hit the deck. My goal is to have it completed by July 8th. This is the day we host a family picnic.

Demolition was the order of the day. All the railing needed to come down and come down it did. I love demolition and would consider myself a professional. It did not take long and 90 minutes later all the railing was gone.

After the demo was complete I needed to wash the decking. It is still in great shape and I am not replacing it. 30 minutes of hard scrubbing and I was able to see a noticeable difference. I had to do it twice as there was a lot of grime.

With this done I now can focus on the new railing. I decided to do the longest section first. Straight two by fours was critical here so I chose the two straightest ones in the pile. It did not take long and I had the first section up with the new aluminium balusters. It looks great.

So I consider myself to be playing with a full deck today. I got lots done and I am well on my way to getting it done by the 8th of July. Of course, there are still the stairs to do which are the hardest/slowest part.