I continue to fight with my lawn. But like all things hard work and persistence tend to pay off.

I have been focusing on the front lawn and it is starting to look really good. The top dressing and seeding are taking nicely. Also the latest application of weed killer is doing it’s job.

I think with lots of care and feeding the front should be in great shape going into fall/winter.

With the front well in hand, I have started to focus on my back lawn. One big problem with the back is it is three times the size of the front.

The first thing I tackled was repairing two major areas. One is all along the fence line in the back which required a lot of top soil and seed. The other was where we had a walnut tree removed a little over a year ago.

With this out of the way I turned my attention this week to the weeds. Since the size is a little overwhelming, I decided to break it up into pieces.

I sprayed the first piece this week. It took me almost 2 hours to finish the spraying. I have a small 1 gallon tank with a hand pump – it just takes time.

The plan is to finish the rest of by the end of the week. I am hoping that going into fall/winter that a lot of the weeds will be treated at least once and maybe twice.

I am fighting the lawn and winning.