Over the past few months, the question has been raised as to why the birdfeeder in the backyard remains empty. Having ignored these requests for whatever reason the feeder has remained unfilled. That is until today.

The weather today was a mixed bag of snow and freezing rain. A cloudy dull February day, but nothing out of the ordinary for this time of year. But looking out over the backyard at lunch it was amazing to see how may birds were flying about.

Spotted were a male and female cardinal. Two very large bluejays (wow they’re big). A downy or hairy woodpecker and a lot of black-capped chickadees. If you enjoy bird watching or just want to know what kind of birds you have in the neighbourhood there is a great app for that called Merlin Bird ID.


Seeing all these birds made me think it was time to fill the feeder. So the feeder was taken down, cleaned, filled with new seed and hung up again. Now it was a waiting game to see who would arrive. The birds of the air did not disappoint.

Within a few minutes, word had gotten out to all the birds in the area. Everyone mentioned above was visiting and there was a lineup on the pergola for those waiting their turn. For the last 3 hours, it has been a nonstop feeding frenzy.

I did not realise how much I missed seeing the birds at the feeder until today. I’m thankful for these simple creatures in creation and the joy they can bring in watching them feed.

The idiom “pecking order” is being expressed in earnest at the feeder today.  So much so there might be a run on bird seed at the local store soon.