Today’s WOD – Workout of the Day was a partner WOD. It was by no means an easy workout. It had a 16 minute time cap and consisted of 400 double unders or 800 singles (skipping), 200 weighted setups with a 20lbs or 14lbs ball and 100 jump switch lunges while holding the weighted ball above your head.

One of the biggest reasons that I like partner WODs is that you get a brief rest while they are working out. You usually divide whatever you are doing by 2 and thats how many you each have to do while working. The rest is just enough for you to catch your breath – mostly – before you have to go again.

One of the other great things is that you have someone there to motivate you. It’s not just you pushing yourself, but it’s another person cheering you on – do not underestimate the power of this.

The last thing I like about them is that it is all about teamwork. While usually the sets are divided in half, sometimes you have mastery over a skill that the other person is still learning. In that case you can punch out more reps portentially while giving your partner a longer rest.

All in all partner WODs are a lot of fun and I always enjoy doing them. One other thing is it is also great to pick different partners from time to time to get to know others and to help work with others who may be different from you skill wise.