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The Other Ledger

Today I received my cryptocurrency hardware wallet. I looked at three different devices before deciding on the Nano Ledger S. The other two wallets that I looked at were Trezor and Keepkey.

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Skillet – Not Just Cookware

You might be thinking what an odd title for a post. However while skillets do come in handing for cooking many delicious dishes, I would like to draw your attention to the band Skillet.

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Rowing Down the River

Back in January of this year I purchased a Concept 2 Rowing machine. I bought it for 2 reasons. 1st so that I could workout no matter the weather outside and 2nd is that it has a much lower impact on my knees than walking or running.

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How Wolves Change Rivers

This is nothing short of amazing. Take a few minutes to watch this short 5 minute video. There is so much here to digest and stand in awe of. I am a creationist and praise the Creator for how wonderfully He has made all of creation.

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Times are Changing

If you have not heard of Bitcoin, then I would suggest you are probably for the most part living off the grid. I say that with a little tongue and cheek, however for the most part you should have heard about it.

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