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Just Start

How hard is it to just start a given task? I think there are a few factors that determine our willingness to start or to defer. This is something that I am very familiar with.

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Stop Printing

Before there was junk mail there was junk mail. In the digital age we think of junk mail in terms of spam / unwanted email. However I am speaking of paper print and all the unwanted flyers, mail, etc that are received.

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The Believer’s Attitude

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about money and the hold it has on people / me. Recently I wrote about how much is enough with respect to money.

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Honey Fraud

I recently ran across a great article that talked about counterfeit honey. It is sad that something as natural and raw as honey is being “faked”

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Springing Forward

Tonight we turn our clocks forward one hour where I live. We affectionately call this Daylight Savings (DST). It will end on November 1st.

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