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A Big Milestone

Since I started CrossFit in December of 2018 indoor rowing quickly became a part of my fitness routine. I had been on a rower before in various gyms that I attended over the years. However I never took a class to learn how to row and just thought I was doing it right.

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Friends From Afar

I have to be the first one to admit that I am not big on being “friends” with people I have not met. Of course the internet has brought the world to our doorsteps and so too the people who live in it.

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Free Stock Images

Every post that I publish here on my site has a featured image associated with it. I try to use images that reflect a little about what I am writing and most of the time I think I am successful.

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Job Fair

Today I had opportunity to attend a local job fair. An established company was expanding and opening an office in the city that I live. They plan on hiring up to 120 people by years end.

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How Much Time

Yesterday I wrote about my internet marketing journey that I am once again rebooting. Let’s not discuss what number reboot this is, you can read that in this post.

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