Inspiration today came via a vlog post from John Saddington. He talks about owning your career. I started to think and decided to write.

Over the 30+ years that I have been in the workforce I have had three distinct careers. I worked in horticulture, cabinet making and finally technology. In total, I have worked for 10 different companies 5 of them more than once. Average tenure 2.5 years.

One thing that I have always done and believed is that I am the one who needs to own my career. Not sure how I came to this revelation, but I’ve always believed it.

You see so many people who “hate” their jobs or complain about their boss and coworkers and yet they do nothing. I always think if things are not going your way why not do something about it.

You hold the keys to your career, not someone else. You cannot outsource this to the company you work for. They have their best interests at heart, and you are the tool to achieve that. (Nothing inherently wrong with that I think).

You have the power to say yes I want to stay because I’m challenged and enjoy my work. You also have the power to say no, I’ve had enough and it is time to move on. Too often we think someone or somebody will do this for us.

I cannot count on my fingers how many people I have coached over the years to stop letting someone else manage their career. You are not a pro athlete, so you don’t have an agent. This leaves you to take charge and be in control of your destiny.

I’m not naive to think sometimes there are circumstances that prevent people from effectively managing their careers. However, I truly believe these are the exceptions and not the norms.

So what are you going to do today? Let someone else manage one of the most important activities in your life. Or are you going to step up and take charge of your career, because you deserve it.

You’ve got this!