How often do you feel rushed? Too often the day slips away and inevitably the things we want to accomplish fall away. Or perhaps we rush to get them finished to “check” it off the list. Is this you?

Recently I (re)committed myself to writing every day. One week in I gave some insight as to how it was going. I talked about getting anxious as the day ends if I have not written anything. And I push/force myself to type something.

These observations are still true however, I have been able to mature in them a little. Let me explain.

Most of my writing is done in the evening as it is the most convenient time. I need to remind myself of that and not get too worked up if it is 21:00 and I still need to write. Doing this has allowed me to be patient with myself. Though when time is real tight I still slip into an anxious mode.

Part and parcel of the above are because I leave it to the end of the day I feel like I am sometimes forcing the writing. This is partly because I usually don’t settle on what to write until I sit down. To combat that a little, I just start typing and let the words flow. Generally, this works and before I know it I have 4 or 5 paragraphs complete.

Because I am doing this for me in hopes of bettering myself there should not be any pressure. But as I maintain writing is not easy and can be hard. Ultimately it is worth it, though. I also find that being self-reflective from time to time helps too.

So if you are feeling rushed today or any day, take the time to understand why. It may be self-imposed in many ways. Work on acknowledging the state of mind and possible ways to grow because of it.

I need to cut this short as I have to rush out the door to my next appointment.