Lately, something is not quite right. I can sense it physically, mentally and emotionally. Knowing this I am challenged on what to do.

Not feeling right physically can be aided by simply visiting the doctor for a checkup. I know now that I am over 50 that an annual physical is in my best interest. I will set one up this week.

Being mentally “off” takes a little more work. I could visit the doctor too, but I am not at that point. There is a certain anxiety that I just need to work through. If history is any indication it will subside in time. I acknowledge it.

Emotionally off in many ways is tied to be my mental well being. I’ve been a little melancholy over the past few weeks. In time this will pass. I try not to dwell on it too much and where I can I work through it.

I know a lot of what I have been experiencing over the past few weeks is due to a change in roles happening at work. The emotional toll of leaving a team of 2 years and moving to a new one is bigger than one thinks. This is not the first time this has happened, but each time is unique and different.

So this is what was on my mind today. Not the most exciting piece, but it is real life.