One of the things that I struggle with when writing is feeling crunched for time. I know that this is self-imposed and it should not bother me. But it creates a certain amount of anxiety that is real to me.

I know that it is partial because I choose to write at the end of the day vs the beginning. Even on the weekends when I have two full days, I still leave it until the end of the day. To say that I do not have enough time is not really correct.

What I need to do is really decide where writing fits in as a priority. Since I am just starting this journey, I’m really still figuring this out. I know it’s important enough that I have not skipped at day for almost 3 months.

Like many things in life, it competes for my time. I guess I am going to either have to accept the anxiety for now or decide how to best remove it. And while I am anxious today, I may not be tomorrow, and so it goes and probably will go for some time.

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