I have been more sick this past winter than I can ever remember. And frankly, I am sick of it and just want it to be done with.

Let’s recap shall we. It starts in October with a nasty head cold. No sooner had that cleared than in late December I got the flu. First time in years that I did not get the flu shot. Then in January I got a stomach virus for 3 days and immediately after got a chest cold.

Civilization is what makes you sick. …Paul Gauguin

That cold lasted for a few weeks. I consider myself fairly healthy. Typically I eat right, work out 3 times a week and get enough sleep. But all of that does not seem to have minimised my ability to get sick this winter.

And now to top it off I had the distinct please just after my cold was finally gone to get food poisoning. When will the insanity end? I’ve about had it and just want to go a few weeks of feeling normal again.

It has taken everything I’ve got to type this as I have no energy from this 24-hour bout of food poisoning. So here’s to spring coming sooner rather than later and finally I can put winter behind me.