It is no secret that I enjoy the game of golf. I not only enjoy playing the game, I enjoy watching it too. I admire the skill that pro golfers have with such a small ball and small target.

Personally, I started playing golf when I was in my early teens. My two cousins and I would go golfing while we were up at the cottage on vacation. We were so cheap that we would use my uncle’s clubs and share them amongst the three of us. The clubs were right handed and I golf left – today I can do both.

As I progressed from my teens into adulthood I played infrequently, but my love for the game never waned. Over the past 10 years, I have golfed more and more. I have never taken lessons till about 2 years ago. The fundamentals were there and not a lot was wrong. But I knew I needed some “tweaks” to keep my game progressing.

So I took 5 one hour lessons and they have made a huge difference. I learned a lot about my swing and the mechanics behind it. The pro who taught me said my mechanics were sound and only a few minor adjustments would help. How true that statement was.

Now I’m not anywhere close to going on tour, but I have been able to shave several strokes off my game. My game is typically shooting in the low 90’s, but since taking lessons I’ve been able to break 90 a little more. Not consistently yet, but a lot better than a few years ago.

The season is just starting here, so I am looking forward to what lies ahead. I may not be able to get out as much as I would like this year, but I plan on enjoying every minute.